Our Story

SoSoak was designed to improve the ease and quality of care for both the patient and caregiver.

Several years ago, I was working on an extended care unit trying to calm down an elderly confused patient at bedtime. She would walk the halls at night, anguished and inconsolable, pushing us away when we tried to help.

Finally the proverbial light bulb went off. I took her to her room and looked down the back of the diaper. Her skin was bright red and breaking down.

Pain in the anogenital region is often called “exquisite” pain due to its sharp, intense and relentless nature.

We knew a soak in the tub would help immensely but we didn’t have enough staff to bathe her safely. She’d fall. So we put her to bed after cleaning her up with wipes and barrier cream. It didn’t help.

That night, I sketched the first of many versions of a shower soaking chair. Basically, a bathtub on legs. And 6 years later, it is finally here.

Ironically, I had surgery right before production. Luckily, I had the 3D printed prototype. I had used the soaking chair many times before, but never actually needing it for wound care, swelling and pain. And after sitting and soaking during those post operative weeks, I knew this was it. I healed quickly with very little pain.
Bathing and hygiene can now be an easy, relaxing experience with all the benefits of a tub soak, simply by sitting down in a chair.

And I can personally assure you, the shower soaking chair will change the way we think about hygiene, bathing and soaking. Especially for those who need it the most.

— Paula Hennessy, RN

Soothing, Safe, and Effective

In addition to providing a safe and effective way to assist in daily hygiene for the elderly and/or disabled, SoSoak™ can provide relief for the following conditions including but not limited to:



Chronic Diarrhea 

Rectal Spasms




Palliative Care

Spinal Cord Injuries

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Chronic UTIs


Bartholin’s Cysts


Pelvic Radiation Recovery


Pruritus Ani

Uterine Cramps


Interstitial Cystitis

Anal Fissures

Chronic Constipation

Medications that can cause irritation to the perineum

SoSoak™ is the only rotomolded shower soaking chair... Why Rotomold?


Manufactured in the USA as a one piece, double walled chair makes it structurally stronger than other shower chairs available on the market. The rotomold process is used to make industrial laundry carts, kayaks, outdoor furniture, and many more products that require exceptional durability.

Easy to Clean

Because of the one piece construction, there are no cracks or crevices for dirty water to pool and accumulate. The chair is easily cleansed with soap and warm water, or antibacterial wipes.

Chemically Resistant

Resistant to body oils and fluids, and salt & cleaning solutions, which adds years to the life of the chair.

Patented shower chair design

Patented, tested design

First and foremost, we designed SoSoak™ to provide a superior soaking and cleansing experience. We tested, chose materials, and ensured SoSoak™ not only cleanses, but comforts and calms as well. It was also designed to provide immeasurable assistance and support to caregivers everywhere.

Elderly mother and adult daughter - SoSoak Shower Soaking Chair

Assure Grandma she won't tip over

Our patented design is molded from high-quality polyethylene and has been tested by caregivers and patients alike to ensure upmost strength and stability. Translation: sit back and relax. Oh, and let Grandma know her granddaughter will be able to use the same chair in 50 years.

Ready for bathing bliss?